Saturday January 11

After a day of fussing with the sewing machine, finally was able to finish the cockpit enclosure panels. Next step is to add the windows, I like this step it’s a fun technique.

Dan and Danielle sanded the wood on the pulpit most of the day, next step revarnish.

After sanding

4:00pm Aquafit, then dinner. Saturday nights here is cruisers music night or open mic, talent night. Several talented singer musicians performed.

Full moon last night

4 thoughts on “Moonshine

    1. Many have custom made canvas shade tents or use tarps, it was just clever on our part, the sails are kind of small, but do shade the boat deck.


  1. There are a LOT of boat in the Marina. Are they all waiting to go thru the Canal? Or are most just sailing the Caribbean?


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