Panama City we’re back!​

Monday January 27

We rented a car and drove just under 1.5 hours back to Panama City, to check out of the country with immigration and recieve our Zarpe. The word Zarpe is past tense for the word Zarpar meaning to set sail, to raise anchor.

At Vista Mar Marina, their website says they offer immigration services, but come to find out that means the guy in the office takes all your paperwork to his friend who’s an agent. The agent files the paper work, 2 days later and $80 you get your paperwork back. With the car it also allowed us to provision. We stopped at Riba Smith Coranodo, as recommend by the friends we met at Shelter Bay Marina.

We run on weather windows, with one tomorrow,we didn’t want to wait two more days.

4 thoughts on “Panama City we’re back!​

  1. Did you have to visit US Customs when leaving the US? Where?

    When you were at the Marina on the Atlantic-side of the Panama Canal, did you have to give up your Passport?
    How did your Passport get to Panama City on the Pacific-side?
    Why do they keep your Passport?
    Can’t they just enter the document into their system and give it back, like they do at Airports?


  2. No we did not have to go to customs leaving the USA. No we did not “give up” our passports. We had them, we just had to get our Zarpe, in order to enter a new county and get our Passports exit stamp.


  3. Hi Dan
    Saw a post on you FB page about you outboard prop slipping.
    The rubber replaceable bushing in the prop hub that does the job of old shear pins has failed. Usually you get s new one pressed in by a prop shop or get a replacement prop
    I expect there is a Panama City backstreet shop that could press a new one in for you . I’ve never seen the bushing for sale for owner install! Warren m


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