Hello Mexico

Friday February 28 We arrived at Marina Chiapas, Mexico just before 11am. Upon arrival we were boarded by customs, the Port Captain and the military at the marina for inspections. 5 men in fatigues, two automatic machine guns and a dog. Passports stamped!

Sea World

Thursday February 27 Good morning Guatemala! 157 miles to go to Marina Chiapas Mexico. Low rolling waves with 2 knots true wind speed. Dolphins and sea turtles abundant today! Dan caught another tuna! Anyone have a great tuna recipe?


Wednesday February 26 Ash Wednesday. Good morning El Salvador! 54 hours left to Marina Chiapas in Mexico. Not much wind this morning, calm seas, seeing less than 6 knots true wind speed, so we are motor sailing. Wind on the horizon is off shore, thats the direction the Papagayos Winds come from hopefully we’re far … Continue reading IHOP

Fat Tuesday

Tuesday February 25 We sailed through the night and are now somewhere off the coast of northern Nicaragua. We are still traveling with our buddy boat Saltair3 and a third Panama Posse boat Ankyrios is a few miles behind us. Dan dropped two fishing lines out this morning, caught a big one that got away … Continue reading Fat Tuesday

Long walks on the beach

Monday February 24 The plan is to leave Punta Huevos in the mid afternoon, set sail for Mexico roughly 450 nautical miles, 4-5 day passage. Dan and I went on this deserted beach, it’s actually part of Santa Rosa National Park. Dan ran and I walked about 3 miles. We saw a whale!

Heading North

Saturday February 22 Pulled up anchor at 9am, only to drop it 20 nautical miles later at Punta Huevos, with plans of leaving here around 5am, this gives us a two hour head start on tomorrow’s weather window. Dan and I snorkeled for about 3 hours near the beach this afternoon.

Ready to go

Friday February 21 On our way into town, Dan spotted this boat moored, the owner shot off on those cannons this morning. Our exit paperwork is all completed, technically we have 12-24 hours to leave Costa Rica. We backtracked to the edge of the town where we found this fishing store a few days ago. … Continue reading Ready to go