Completing the Circle!

Monday March 28, Day 1, technically when we reach 75.53W longitude, we will have completed our circumnavigation of the globe. This line runs through the Inter Coastal Waterway in North Carolina near the Alligator River and the Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas. It is the farthest point East we sailed when we started this journey in 2019.

By 8am we were off the mooring ball and on our way.

18 50N, 65 47W

On a moonless dark night, there is a sky full of stars, the North Star to Starboard, the Southern Cross to Port, the Milky Way and separately bioluminescence in the water!

Tuesday March 29, Day 2, 145 total nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours.

The Atlantic Ocean decided we needed a few more days of 20 plus knots of breeze by bringing the Trade Winds back for three days. I guess she’s just saying thanks, hope you had a good ride. For dinner I made a triple batch of each rice and shredded chicken with black beans, corn, onion, peppers, mixed with two jars of salsa. Dinner enough for three nights.

Wednesday March 30, Day 3, total nautical miles traveled 304, 159 nautical miles in the past 24 hours.

Wind was 20-24knots all day with 5-8ft waves.

21 46N, 70 31W

Oops it happened again, a bird landed on top of the mast, knocked out our wind speed and direction. It did briefly come back in so maybe it’s just loose and not broken. Too much wind and waves to go up the mast to check it out. I think we need to add anti-bird devices up there.

Thursday March 31, Day 4, total nautical miles traveled 481, 177 nautical miles in the past 24 hours

23 19N, 72 56W

Friday April 1, Day 5, total nautical miles traveled 640, 159 nautical miles in the past 24 hours. The wind as predicted has decreased down to 10knot, then 7. We’ll be motor sailing through the night.

24 42N, 75 09W

Trance played an April fools joke on us. After a reset of the navigation system, the wind direction display magically appeared only to realize the numbers were not reasonable therefore not true, the wind vane is actually missing.

Another moonless night, a sky full of stars, the Milky Way the North Star to Starboard, the Southern Cross to Port.

Saturday April 2, Day 6, total nautical miles traveled 760, 120 nautical miles in the past 24 hours. At some point in the early morning we crossed 75.53W longitude, officially completing our trip around the world!!!

Overnight sightings, Marlene: 3 cargo ships, 1 cruise ship
Dan: 1 cruise ship “Mardi Gras”

Not much wind today, we’ve been motor sailing in 6-10knots of wind. Our target arrival is 10am on Monday to the Ft Lauderdale area.

There’s a lot of large boat traffic heading to and from the USA mainland via the Northeast & Northwest Providence Channels, which pass through the northern Bahama Islands. Approaching from the east, during the day we counted 10 ships.

25 39 N, 76 49W

Sunday April 3, Day 7, total nautical miles traveled 876, 116 nautical miles in the past 24 hours.

Overnight sightings, Marlene: 1 100 foot long Sailboat; 2 Cruise Ships; 2 Cargo Ships; 1 more Cargo Ship without AIS on, likely a Russian vessel
Dan: 1 Cargo Ship

Monday April 4, Day 8, total nautical miles traveled 987, 111 nautical miles in the past 24 hours.

Overnight sightings, Marlene: 10 Cruise Ships; 5 Tanker Ships; 6 Cargo Ships… all near the western end of the Northwest Providence Channel and into the Straits of Florida.
Dan: 3 Cargo Ships; 1 Cruise Ship

Crossing the Gulf Stream, a 40nm wide, fast moving, current stream of ocean water, flowing north along the coast of Florida and eastern USA. So you point the boat one way, yet the boat is moving another way… sideways.

We ended-up early, and crossed the 2nd half of the Gulf Stream real slow. The difference between our coarse and heading was 45-50 degrees.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Dan’s brother Marty and Nancy his wife, along with Michael who is letting us dock Trance at his house.

Total passage miles from St. Thomas, 994 nautical miles!

32 thoughts on “Completing the Circle!

  1. So glad you made it safely to Fla.Enjoy the family & celebrate you wonderous adventure.I bet you write a book & Marlene a cookbook for travelers😉Sent from my Samsung Galaxy , an AT&T LTE smartphone


  2. Congratulations !!!! What an amazing adventure !!!! Welcome home !!!!!!


  3. Won’t Woot…you did it. Congratulations. We are hauled out and head home (PNW) on Friday. All is well in Panama


  4. Congratulations! 🍾
    What an amazing journey you two just completed!
    Thank you for sharing your awesome experience!
    What’s next?


  5. What a fantastc trip. The Lord was with you ll the way as we here in the USA were too. Enjoyed the trip. One question How are you going to get back to real life and another question where is the next trip, Lucia Ellen’s Aunt


  6. How nice to come back and see family right away! I just loved following you & reading all of your posts. I actually saved them to read back on once in a while. I can’t wait to see you & give you a big hug!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Congratulations, thanks for sharing your amazing adventure. When does the book come out? Fair winds. Gary Sands Bandon, Oregon

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  8. WOW,
    What an amazing adventure!!! Must have been good to see family!! Can’t imagine what it will be like getting back to real life!!
    Stay well and enjoy your family and grandkids when you see them!!
    Carol and Gary


  9. I will miss your posts! (I hope you will write/publish a book about your journey!) I have so enjoyed following along your incredible adventures! Congratulations to you both — and to SV Trance — on an amazing circumnavigation! You guys rock!!! Fair winds, ~ Chelle and SV Sunflower (Sunny)


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