Honolulu Week 4

Thursday October 15, we rode Biki bikes about an hour today, went the other direction towards Diamond Head. (which is still COVID closed).

Friday October 16, laundry day!

Saturday October 17, last week we met this couple Mark and Beth, her daughter Abby, who are in the process of purchasing a sailboat that is here in the marina a few boats away from ours. This afternoon we took them for a sail on our boat. The winds were light to moderate, fun afternoon.

Sunday October 18, our friends Joey and Yana invited us to a private brunch and Facebook live event at their restaurant The Chart House Waikiki. Featuring Dean and Dean, they’ve played there for many years. We brought Julie and Will with us as we had planned to go out sailing with them in the afternoon.

Monday October 19, *Sourdough Notes* new English muffins started today, different recipe hopefully these will be better. They will be ready to bake tomorrow. Also preparing for another Belle loaf, levain started, mix later this evening.

Tuesday October 20, *Sourdough Notes* English muffin success and Belle loaf #7 is pretty amazing too!

Wednesday October 21, Happy Birthday Danielle!

Gilligan’s SS Minnow was in this harbor!

Biking Around

Wednesday October 14, *Sourdough Notes” a Pain au Belle loaf is in Delayed fermentation in the fridge, may bake either tonight or tomorrow morning.

We rented Biki bikes this afternoon for a 9.5 mile ride around Honolulu.

First stop to see the Aloha Liberty Bell. Presented to the State of Hawaii on July 4, 1950 by the federal government, as a testimony to the history of the United States and of the ideals and principles that have shaped our nation.

King Kamehameha I Statue, he united the Hawaiian Islands into one royal kingdom in 1810 after years of conflict. This statue stands in front of the Hawaii Supreme Court building.

Across the street from the Supreme Court house is Iolani Palace, former residence of the Hawaiian monarchs. The only official state residence of royalty in the United States. Two monarchs, King Kalakaua and his successor, Queen Liliuokalani (his sister) lived there from 1882 to 1893.

Queen Liliuokalani, first and only reigning Hawaiian queen and the last Hawaiian sovereign to govern the islands 1891-1917. Her statues sit in a courtyard next to the Hawaii Capital building.

The Cathedral of St. Andrew has grand stained glass windows.

On the left- Emma was queen of Hawaii as the wife of King Kamehameha IV from 1856 to his death in 1863. She was a candidate for the throne but King Kalākaua was elected instead. This bust is in Queen Emma Square.

On the right-Saint Marianne Cope, in 1883, Mother Marianne Cope along with 6 sister, member of the Sisters of St Francis of Syracuse, New York, arrived in Hawaii to care for the leper’s on Molokaʻi and aided in developing medical infrastructure in Hawaii. Despite direct contact with the patients over the years, she did not contract the disease. Cope was Beatified in 2005, canonized in 2012. Her statue is located in Kewalo Basin Park.

Another Week in Paradise

Wednesday October 7, Dan and I went for a walk today, to the food store which was next to a mall, so we walked the mall first. The Ala Moana Center is a three story shopping mall with lots of high-end stores. The center isles of the mall are open to the sky.

We grilled hamburgers for dinner served on sourdough bread.

Thursday October 8, *Sourdough Notes* I have what I consider too much starter discard in the fridge. So, I baked biscuits and two batches of crackers. The first batch I added Herbs de Provence, which was very good, the second was Thyme, Cracked Black Pepper and Sesame Seeds. Meanwhile starting another Belle loaf to be my “inclusion” loaf. I will be adding a cinnamon, butter, brown sugar paste and raisins that were soaked in vanilla overnight to add moisture to them so that they don’t draw moisture from the bread dough. Baking that loaf tomorrow morning.

You may wonder why I spent the day baking, in Hawaii! We’ve visited all the places that are open, everything else touristy, is currently COVID closed.

Friday October 9, *Sourdough Notes* Cinnamon raisin bread, success!

In the afternoon we took a 5 mile walk , first to FedEx store to print a few documents, then to the post office to mail them. Afterwards we hung out in front of an Apple store on their WiFi, updating our phones.

Saturday October 10, Dan has been busy filling out applications and permits to enter French Polynesia, still waiting to hear from them. Because there are two of us aboard, its a 28 day quarantine, travel time counts, two weeks to get there, so we’ll need to stay on the boat for another week.

*Sourdough Notes* I made English muffins with starter discard, totally failed on this one! First I shaped the dough in the morning and forgot to add the rest of the ingredients, reworked it, the muffins were too big, frying pan too hot, the outside burned the dough was slightly raw in the middle. Next time remember to add all ingredients, make smaller muffins, lower the burner flame. The boat smelled of burnt bread all day!

Sunday October 11, marathon day. Today would have been the Maui Marathon. On his quest to run one in every state, Dan ran the distance (26.2 miles) this morning. He stopped at the boat three different times, for food, water and dry shirts.

In the afternoon we did a little shopping, Lowes, West Marine, Costco and Home Depot.

Monday October 12, what started out as a small project, turned into a big all day one! We’ve been having issues with the foreword head plugging up. After letting it sit for 5 days, Dan took the plumbing snake to it. We discovered the 2.5” ID pipe was now less than 1 inch due to lots of calcium deposits in the pipe. So, we pulled the pipe out after much effort, went to West Marine, purchased 12 feet of sanitation pipe, installed it. Quite the chore trying to thread the new pipe under the floor and connect everything back together. All better now.

Tuesday October 13, lazy day… Dan had reached out to a local HAM radio group here in Honolulu. A nice man named Todd come to our boat today and tried to troubleshoot the radio, without much success, likely too much marina interference.

Change is Good

Monday October 5, a few boat projects completed today, then late afternoon Larry left Trance after 57 days, to fly back home. He dropped us off at the laundromat on his way to the airport.

Tuesday October 6, this day was very stressful as our youngest daughter had surgery today and we’re 5000 miles away. She insisted we not fly home and stay in Hawaii.

Both of our daughters have the BRCA1 gene mutation. This past September Beth opted for a double mastectomy and reconstruction, today Danielle had the same procedure, both were preventative measures. So proud of them for their choices. Several other females in the family had breast cancer who have the BRCA1 mutation.

Before surgery

We chatted with her via FaceTime, later in the day after the procedure, she said she’s feeling great!

Enjoying Oahu

Friday October 2, the North Shore

We stopped at the site of the old Waialua Estate coffee/chocolate plantation. Had a quick tour on the coffee process. Founded by Dole foods, the 155 acre plantation now sits on a former sugarcane lands.

This evening we were invited over to Joey & Yana Cabell’s home for a dinner party. We had buffalo meat from Ted Turner’s ranch in South Dakota. Yana presented us with Leis and Tores made me a beautiful head wreath. We first met them in the marina parking lot, asking them about parking permits. We purchased the lamb meal kits from their restaurant The Charthouse, last weekend. Joey Cabell, in the 1960’s was the best surfer in the world.

Saturday October 3, beach day! We drove the other side of Pearl Harbor near all the resorts like The 4 Seasons, the Marriott and Disney’s Aulani. There are four lagoons, Ko Olina Lagoon #4 is public, the other 3 appeared to private.

Sunday October 4, *Sourdough Notes* two more successful Pain au Belle loaves today! There was quite a bit of sourdough discard in the refrigerator, so I used some of it to make scones and crackers.

Meanwhile, Dan and Larry went sailing with Joey and his friend JJ on Joeys catamaran.

Before dinner, Dan and Larry painted the chain links on the anchor chain.

Variety Days

Wednesday September 30, shopping day, Best Buy, Home Depot, Costco, Hardware store, West Marine, diner outside at Tropics, baked banana bread with sourdough starter. After I think I’ve perfected a banana bread recipe, I tried a new one using sourdough starter, oh boy not sure which one is better!


Thursday October 1, more sightseeing.

Larry, (who is an USAF Lt. Col. retired) took us on base at Bellows Air Force Station as well as Kaneohe Bay Marine Corp base.

We also stopped to see the Chinaman’s hat.

Then to the punch bowl, National Cemetery of the Pacific, a memorial to those who served in the armed forces. It is a volcanic crater’s with beautiful tree lined roads and is meticulously landscaped. The Hawaiian name is Puowaina, which translated as “Hill of Sacrifice”. (Hawaiians used to offer human sacrifices there.) The memorial has a small chapel and tributes to the various battles fought in the Pacific depicted in beautiful mosaic pictures. Etched on the marble walls along the stairs are the names of those who’s bodies were not recovered from the Pacific theater.

For dinner, we stopped at a grocery store picked up some salmon. I baked it with a honey, soy sauce mixture, served with roasted potatoes and green beans.

A Day to Remember

Tuesday September 29,

“December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy” President Franklin Roosevelt, December 8, 1941.

The USS Arizona Memorial

In normal times 4500 people per day visit the Arizona, ferries run every 30 minutes to the site. There were 5 including us on the 11:30am ferry, the day before, 50 people total visited.

After lunch we met up with Julie and Will at their house. They took us on a trail hike to see the Lanikai Pillbox also known as the Ka’iwa Ridge Trail. It’s an intermediate level trail hike, steep, dirt and rocky. Elevation 565ft, 2.5 miles out and back.

After the hike, we walked the beach, then headed back to their house where Will made a delicious Paella for dinner.

“I Like Bread”

Sunday September 27,

*Sourdough Notes*- Two loaves baked this morning, success!

For lunch we had ham and cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread! After lunch we went for a walk down the canal, then picked up Biki rental bikes and rode around for a bit.

Monday September 28,

*Sourdough Notes*- baked ham and cheese biscuits for breakfast using sourdough discard.

Watched people surfing this morning, it’s amazing how many were out there, today and everyday.

Boat project afternoon. Greased the shroud fittings, washed the fenders, polished up the stainless steel.

For dinner we picked up a Bento Box of Garlic Shrimp for $5.00 each from a street side market.

Early evening today we rented a car, time to see more of Oahu!

Leis to Lambs

Tuesday September 22, boat project morning. Dan went up to the top of the mast to rethread the halyard for the code 65 sail that broke. After lunch, we went to the beach!

Pizza for dinner, local establishment not homemade.

Waikiki Beach

Wednesday September 23, laundry day.

*Sourdough Notes*- as we will be at a marina for a while, I’m working on getting my “starter” going. The dehydrated one I purchased on Maui. Today is day 1.

Beach Day!

Thursday September 24, at noon, it was 87F feels like 91F. Nice breeze coming through the cockpit as Dan and Larry try to tighten the “play” in the wheel, always “Tinker Dan.”

Beach Day!

Friday, September 25, we had visitors this morning! Julie Miller and her husband Will are in the Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor. We’ve known Julie’s parents for decades through sailboat racing Thistles. They were kind enough allow us to ship boat parts to their house. Julie brought us beautiful Hawaiian Leis!

The rest of the Dan and Larry installed our new D400 wind generator that was shipped to Julie.

Saturday September 26, more boat chores. Dan put the Code sail back on its own halyard. Then along with Larry they washed all the exterior teak, prepping it to seal.

*Sourdough Notes*- my first bake this morning! Sourdough Scones made with starter discard, they were so good! Also baked M & M’s cookies.


A few days ago we met Yana and Joey who own the Chart House Waikiki restaurant. Real nice people! Today the restaurant was selling “meal kits” and bottles of wine at half price. On the menu was Rack of Lamb, fresh baked Baguettes and Arugula with a Mango White Balsamic dressing. We purchased two meals for the three of us. Dinner tonight, with mashed potatoes.

Honolulu here we come!

Sunday September 20, arrived in Oahu sound 2:30pm, dropped anchor in Maunalua Bay for the night. It’s going to another rock’n and roll’n night, waves and wind.

Monday September 21, finally the Ala Wai Boat Harbor got back to us. So many documents required here in Honolulu, Hawaii for getting a slip in a marina, including getting your insurance company to add the marina to your policy as additionally insured. So we’re all set, let’s go.

After connecting to shore power and water, time to do some boat cleaning. We washed all the salt off the boat deck, cockpit as well as rinsed all the ropes and teak. Also removed the surface rust from the stainless steel. Next project will be resealing the teak.