The wings were okay

Saturday January 4

Baby it’s hot here! We rigged up a sun shade for the boat deck to help it stay cooler inside. We used an old Thistle main and jib. Dan greased up the bikes for us to ride up and down the docks. Thank you Joe Raynock for the bikes!!

Spent most of the day rearranging items in the galley, trying to make things work better, optimizing space. Later, Danielle and I took a Aquafit class in the pool, afterwards we watched the Bills, Texans football game at the bar but didn’t stay to watch the Patriots lose. The bar wings were okay, missing Ben’s famous buffalo wings on game day.

Home stretch

Thursday January 2

Currently we are 132 nautical miles from Panama, should arrive sometime tomorrow. With a stiff 16 knot breeze, full main, staysail and Genoa we’re cruising at 8 knots.

Danielle and I cut out the parts for a Panama flag, I’ll sew them together when the waves are a bit smaller.

No fireworks on the Caribbean Sea

Tuesday December 31

New Years Eve! Just keep sailing, sailing, sailing…are we there yet?

The day was relatively calm. For the past 2 days we’ve been listening to a book on CD. John Grisham’s “The Appeal” the collection is 10 discs. At the end the author comments that characters and events were all fictional, the one thing I don’t recall him saying was the political antics were fictional. In the book, a big corporation loses a personal injury law suit, they appeal, then “buy” their way to electing a state Supreme Court justice who will rule in their favor employing multiple special interest groups money to fund the campaign, and did. This was written in 2008.

8 days a week

Sunday December 29

We’ve been sailing now for 7 days 24/7 round the clock. Our days have been we randomly take turns at the helm. In the mid morning or early afternoon Dan would nap. After dinner around 6, Danielle and I would rest or nap then wake at 10, Dan would go to sleep. Our watch would last till 2am, then Dan was on till 6 or 7am. This has worked well for us. On our watch, in the sky full of stars, we’ve watched the Big Dipper rise into the night sky.

Boats and birds

Saturday December 28

It’s hard to believe four weeks ago today we started this journey, my how time flies! The biggest surprise to me was I never anticipated we would’ve traveled down the the Inter coastal waterway. I expected all ocean sailing. Mother Nature had other plans. But it’s ok, we met several wonderful people along the way and spent great times with them!

I find it hard to sleep most nights with the rock’n and rolling, all the creeks the boat makes, from the ropes on the wenches to the halyards in the mast, canned foods sliding in the shelves, the bouncing of the memory foam mattress topper and even the water sloshing in the tank. It’s a new environment to adapt to.

Sailed through light showers this morning. A cloud 11 miles away was a bit angry and formed a water spout, lucky we had already past it.

Birds and boats. I’m guessing it’s a thing. At least once a day a bird or two just circle the boat. One even landed, that’s the second this happened to us.

We’ve also been trying to get regular exercise, sea conditions permitting. Typically we’d do 3 or 4 sets 15 reps of sit ups, Superman’s, squats, tricep dips, chest press, small arm circles and neck stretches. Balance can be an issue on moving boat but we’re making it work.


Friday December 27

Just cruising the Caribbean Sea today! The time zone, where are we in relation to that? We don’t have cell service right now so we decided we are on boat time! Our own zone, at least till civilization tells us otherwise.

I didn’t expect the calmness around Cuba. One day we’re allowed to go there the next day we’re not. I wondered if a large military force chasing away anyone who got close. Instead it was green with vegetation along the coast with small sandy beaches, very serene. As we rounded the most western tip of Cuba there is this lighthouse Cabo de San Antonio.

Cruising at 6 knots winds out of East 12-15 knots.


A few days ago, I did a inventory of all food on the boat and where it’s located. Will need to rearrange later so like items are together. Today we took that list and made a master list of how many of each item we had.

Had a boat argument today, how much heel of the boat while under sail is acceptable for 1) showering 2) cooking 3) eating 4) sleeping?