Ua-Pou to the Tuamotu Islands

Day 1- Sunday January 17, the Tuamotu Islands are mostly Atolls. Destination, Rangiroa. Just before 9am, anchor up, on our way, escorted by a pod of dolphins. 6.7 speed over ground, 13.5 true wind, course over ground 215. Later we deployed the spinnaker, doing 7.4speed over ground with 12.6 knots of wind! It was upContinue reading “Ua-Pou to the Tuamotu Islands”

And so this was Christmas

Thursday December 24, Christmas Eve. Boat projects, bank, grocery store. Made homemade pizza for dinner. Santa visited all the boats with children on them, arriving on a dinghy. Friday December 25, Merry Christmas. We went ashore early, before 8am, FaceTimed the kids individually. It was easier, with a not so good wifi connection. It wasContinue reading “And so this was Christmas”

Trip around the island, on land

Wednesday December 23, we took an all day guided tour around the eastern and northern parts of the island. Richard was our guide. The island is very mountainous. The roads are narrow with several 180degree switchbacks. Both churches we visited were being decorated for Christmas. People were busy creating nativity scenes using fresh greenery’s.