New Friends

December 2, 2019

Later in day we walked about a mile to a Food Lion to pick up a few items. A Lyft took to a Walgreens, then another back to the marina. While on the second Lyft, Dan noticed the driver’s cell phone holder was missing, he offered to give him one we brought with us from our car. We had hoped the Garmin InReach would fit, but it didn’t. The driver graciously accepted Dan’s offer, but then Dan asked if the driver could do him favor. While we were unpacking our clothes, Dan decided there were several items he wanted to part with, stuffed them into a large brown plastic trash bag. He asked the driver if could drop off this bag of clothes to a charity, so Dan gave the driver the cell phone holder along with a bag of clothes. We went back to the boat, unload our groceries, went to dinner at the marina restaurant, Surfrider Restaurant & Bar.

Dinner at Surfriders

After dinner we shared a bottle of wine with the people we were docked next to. Bill and Linda Knowles, founders of the Salty Dawg Sailing Association. It was a great evening of telling sailing stories as well receiving great advice from them.

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