Departure Day

November 30, 2019

Family Photo on Trance before departure

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family!

On Friday the 29th, Dan and I headed down to the boat to get an early start on loading up the boat. Our children came down to see us off, Luke & Mecca with Autumn, Alyssa and Madison, Ben & Rachael, Beth & Kevin with Max and Dylan, and Mike. Some of our friends also showed up to help. Craig and Becky Smith, Paul Prozillo, Brian Snader and Craig Prinski. The guys helped Dan re-install the stay sail and the code sail, as well as wash the boat deck. Becky helped me unpack and put away our provisions.

Beth went live on Facebook with the video below, we left the dock at 12:02pm.

We are employing the services of a weather router, Chris Parker from Weather Center, so far his prediction have been spot on. They recommended we take shelter by 9am Sunday and stay till Tuesday to avoid a front with gale force winds on the ocean. We spent 2 nights at the Blue Water Yachting Center in Hampton, VA.

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