Friday December 13, 2019

We opted to stay another day in Charleston, it was raining and foggy. The day allowed me to catch up on my project. I don’t think I mentioned what that was. I’ve been sewing a cockpit enclosure for the boat. There will be 7 panels attached to each other with zippers and have windows. The process started with creating a pattern using Dura-Skrim.

As dinner time approach, our buddies on svGander suggested we go downtown. It was a very fun night!

My new sewing room
Starboard side, 2 panels
Our buddies from sv Gander

5 thoughts on “Crawling

  1. Wow, the panels look great and will keep the wind, rain and cold out, awsome job Marlene, you are so talented!


  2. Having used a Sailrite, you will love it. As I know, you are a sewing lady. I use the Professional now, but enjoy. Have some new sails for this winter rest. It will be fun following someone we know, sailing on. Enjoy


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