Groundhog Day

Sunday December 15, 2019

Departure from Charleston was 8:00am, heading out to the ocean. The winds were 4 out of the South, not a good direction, so we motor sailed through the night to St Augustine FL., about 200 nautical miles.

Danielle and I had the 10pm to 2am watch. It was a very uneventful night. On AIS we were intrigued by a 102 ft pleasure craft named “Sunday Money”. Football player, golfer, bookie or priest? What are your thoughts? Which then lead to a slew of midnight thoughts. Where’s Bruno Mars? (as we’re listening to one of his songs) Which direction are the whales migrating? Did you know there’s a speed limit out here of 10 knots because of the them? Do whales sleep at night? How long to whales and dolphins hold there breath for? Is that condensation on the plastic or fog? Is that a boat or a buoy? Midnight random thoughts on Trance.

Go Bills!
Captain Dan
Sunset off the coast of South Carolina

7 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Happy that you are in St Augustine, one of the oldest continuous European settlements in the Americas. Take a half day ashore to walk about the old town and visit the fortress, cocuina walls.


  2. Sperm whales sleep vertically

    Back in 2008, this was discovered quite by accident when a team of scientists drifted into a pod of sleeping sperm whales. It is now believed that sperm whales spend around 7% of their day in a drifting, vertical sleep. That makes them one of the least sleep-dependent mammals on the planet.🐋


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