Wind, Waves and Wine

Wednesday December 18, 2019

The wind was howling all night, the night sky lit with cracks of lightning and the roar of thunder. We were anchored overnight in 8 feet of water near the Ponce de Leon inlet where boat was doing 360’s around the anchor chain. Yup that happened. We pulled up anchor at 6:30am headed south. The wind was at our back the entire day, averaging 18-25 occasionally hitting 30 knots,.

Indian River, Fl

Fellow Thistle sailor Michael Paramore had a slip for us at his yacht club in Melbourne FL, we thought if we got up early enough we may be able to make it soon after sunset. Melbourne was about 70 miles away, that’s a lot for a days travel on the ICW. For most of day we had the main out adding 1 to 2 knots of speed with the current averaging over 7 knots, (including waiting for 3 lift bridges), even saw 9 a few times, arrived at 4:30pm. We had dinner with Michael and his girlfriend Nicole at Ichabod’s Dockside Bar & Grill, it was great evening!

Nicole, Danielle, Me, Michael, Dan

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