Bridges over Water

Friday December 20, 2019

Alarms were set to wake us up at 6:15am, we wanted to see if the space launch at Cape Canaveral would be visible from where we were. Boeing was sending up an unmanned rocket.

That little yellow dot is the rocket

Our travels today took us from Ft Pierce to Del Ray Beach FL. 64.4 nautical miles or 74.11 miles. Going through 17 bascule bridges. Some opened upon request others were on the half and the hour, a few were 15 and 45 past the hour. Majority of the bridge operators were polite and timely, but there was one who wouldn’t open the bridge for us. He said we were too far away, our eta was 2 minutes off, but it takes him 2 minutes to open the bridge. We waited there 30 minutes for the next time slot.

We stopped for the night in a cul de sac on the ICW. Looking at google maps, we’re near a Walmart parking lot…our RV on the water.

2 thoughts on “Bridges over Water

  1. You are making progress! We’re a bit jealous of all the eateries you’ve visited. You are much more venturesome than we. Love the blog,Marlene, you are doing a great job. We have only the best wishes for you.


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