Flag Day

Tuesday January 7

Today we decided was a “do nothing” day. I did finish making our Panama courtesy flag, Danielle swam laps in the morning and Dan got the water maker connected and running. A lot of time was spent at the pool, reading.

We had dinner with Island Packet 420 owners Lou and Patrice Haggerty from San Francisco CA.

3 thoughts on “Flag Day

    1. Lots of people we’ve met here come every year to this marina. Cruise around the Caribbean, soaking up the sunshine. I don’t remember if they were coming or going, but they just flew back to California, will be back next week.


  1. Nice to see you are getting your embroidery fix taken care of! 😀 It looks great Marlene! What constitutes a ‘courtesy’ flag? Do you give it to someone else? Are you remembering to have all these guests sign your book?


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