Canal Ready

Sunday January 5

We had our boat measured on Saturday for transiting the canal. Documents to fill out and papers to sign. The inspector was a real personable man, we had a great conversation with him.

Typically when you travel you bring way too many things, as did we on this trip. We purged a few things today, items we should have left home or no longer find useful on the boat.

We did laundry which took most of the day, it was busy day at the laundromat.

Had some swimming pool time, then at the bar with several Seahawk fans, watched the Eagles 🦅 lose.

7 thoughts on “Canal Ready

  1. Learn something new every day — remember learning flag etiquette decades ago in Power Squadron courses, but sure don’t remember. we’re really enjoying your posts & following your journey. Happy & safe sailing1

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  2. I have pics of you going thru Miraflores locks, email me and I will send. My wife and I are visiting Panama and happened along at the right time
    Scott and Julie


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