Engine room make over

Tuesday January 14

Dan and I took the bus into Colon to get a few food items at Reys nand check out the hardware store for teak sealer. We had take a taxi back to the marina as the bus was going on to Panama City.

Dan and Danielle replaced the insulation in the engine compartment, they cut out a section of wood above the exhaust elbow, screwed in a fireproof piece above. There is now a 3/4” clearance, where as before the elbow was rubbing against the insulation scorching it as well as the original wood, which was a fire hazard.

3 thoughts on “Engine room make over

  1. Do all Packets have the same problem with the exhaust elbow clearance? Glad you caught and corrected it.


  2. Wow, the 3 of you can do everything….thanks for sharing your adventure-it’s so much fun to “travel” with you…life is boring in the old “hood” haha. Safe sailing. When do you leave Panama?

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  3. A professional looking job! Heat wrap is wonderful stuff! No surprise you could handle the job…North Country folks can handle just about anything.


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