Clearing Immigration 🇹🇭

Monday February 3

Passports stamped, boat inspected, entrance fee paid, still have to go see customs and port captain tomorrow, as they are not open on Mondays.

The prop on the outboard for the dingy needs to be replaced, walked to a local Yamaha dealer, ordered one, will go back tomorrow to pick it up. We asked the salesperson if he could recommend a restaurant for lunch. He did, it was down the street from his store, great food.

We got a slip in the marina this afternoon, yesterday we were anchored out front. It was 87F here today and humid, it rained after dinner, so we had movie night on the boat, watched Born Identity, Sue and Al had not seen it before.

One thought on “Clearing Immigration 🇹🇭

  1. Hope you can relax and take some time exploring Costa Rica. People are friendly, seafood delicious, monkeys/sloths/toucans, country is very environmentally friendly too.


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