Doka Estate

Saturday February 8

With a rented car, we drove 3 hours to the Doka Estate Coffee plantation which is just north of San Jose. The grounds were absolutely beautiful! We learned how the plant grows, about the beans, separating the skins, drying and roasting processes. Doka is the largest coffee plantation in Costa Rica, they export 90% of what the process. For Decaf coffee, they ship the beans to Germany where they naturally remove the caffeine in exchange Germany keeps the caffeine for other products.

Coffee flower
My new job it pays $2.00 per bushel about 28 lbs.
Coffee plants
Step one, soak in water, the good berries will sink
These machines peel the skins and sort by size. Most coffee berries have 2 beans, a few have three or one.
Dry the beans outside before roasting

After the tour we had lunch in their restaurant, then drove to San Jose airport to drop off Sue and Al. It was a great three weeks with them!

4 thoughts on “Doka Estate

  1. The coffee in Costa Rica was so good! I brought bags back for all the girls and me, delicious!☕


  2. Just figured out how to get on this site. Been enjoying the GPS tracking and Facebook posts. Be safe and don’t drink the Mexican water.


  3. Sitting here enjoying a cup of Costa Rican coffee and remembering our sailing adventure. Thank you again for inviting us to share in your dream. It was a memorable three weeks and has encouraged us to do more with our IP. We’ll continue to sail with you from the arm chair.
    May Poseidon send you favorable Papagayo winds


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