Ready to go

Friday February 21

On our way into town, Dan spotted this boat moored, the owner shot off on those cannons this morning.

Our exit paperwork is all completed, technically we have 12-24 hours to leave Costa Rica. We backtracked to the edge of the town where we found this fishing store a few days ago. Dan brought his reel and had the store add 300 meters of 30 lb. line. They also added a leader and oiled it free of charge. Total cost was 6600 colon which about $11.57 US, we left a nice tip.

Our buddy boat invited us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at 6. This is twice that this has happened where I randomly made an appetizer that coordinates with theirs. The other day it was taco pie and I brought black bean corn salsa. Today I made buffalo chicken dip the made buffalo wings!

Krista and I swapped baked goods for our passage, I made them a batch of peanut butter cookies she made us banana bread!

One thought on “Ready to go

  1. Glad you were able to enjoy your time in Costa Rica and with some buddy boat friends too. Sounds like you are on the same wave length with a lot of shared interests. Sail On…


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