Fat Tuesday

Tuesday February 25

We sailed through the night and are now somewhere off the coast of northern Nicaragua. We are still traveling with our buddy boat Saltair3 and a third Panama Posse boat Ankyrios is a few miles behind us.

Dan dropped two fishing lines out this morning, caught a big one that got away and took most of the 300 meters of new line with it.

He did manage to catch a 22” Tuna, it’s all filleted and chillin in the fridge.

First time flying the spinnaker in the Pacific Ocean. Cruising at 6 knots with 9.2 knots apparent wind.

Craziest sight, a seagull standing a sea turtles back as it swam by. Too far for a photo unfortunately. In the late afternoon there were at least two dozen dolphins of all sizes swimming around our bow, several jumping in the air with hang time.

I made tuna burgers from one filet, they were pretty good! 1 filet of tuna 1/2 cup bread crumbs 1 egg 1 tbs dried parsley salt and pepper I cut the fish into small pieces to make sure there were no bones, tuna have some side bones in addition to the spine. Place all ingredients in a blender, pulse till thoroughly blended. Made two patties from this mixture, sautéed in pan with a little bit of oil. Cook until internal temp is 145F.

Day is done, gone the sun, and you guessed it, the Milky Way and a sky full of stars! Tonight we are still cruising the coast of Nicaragua.

One thought on “Fat Tuesday

  1. Great update, the dolphins and the whale were guiding your way! Never would have thought to make tuna patties, sounds delicious! Can’t get enough of the sunrises and sunsets…


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