Two day update

March 17 -18

Tuesday, Happy St Patricks Day ☘️ Got our steps in today for sure, 4.8 miles worth. Walked to Walmart and Sams Club for provisions. I don’t think Mexico has heard about “social distancing”. Not sure how I feel about that! Hailed a taxi back to the boat as we had too much to carry.

Baked banana bread and banana muffins, two different recipes .

Wednesday was cleaning day, took our dirty clothes to laundry, $400 pesos (about $20 USD) and two hours later all clean and neatly folded. We hired this guy to clean the outside of boat for $1000 pesos ($50) for three days he washed and waxed the boat deck and even polished the stainless steel.

The aft cabin aka The Breezy Cabana, has become sort of a storage room, sorry Danielle. The day was spent cleaning it out, as well as the rest of the inside of the boat. Friends are arriving tomorrow hopefully all goes well with their flights!

2 thoughts on “Two day update

  1. Dear Dan and Marlene,
    Your memory of “where were you when the pandemic hit”, will be vastly different than most! Stay safe and look for the silver linings.
    We are all doing our part to stay home and redefine our daily routines.
    The banana bread looks so good!!

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