Food and sunsets

Three day passage March 24-26

Day 2- When we arrived at the shipping channel entrance at Mazatlán, we turned 90 degrees heading to Cabo San Lucas.

It was an uneventful day till Dan caught a medium sized Marlin or sword looking fish, it jumped and several times till the line broke, the big one that got away.

For dinner we had left over taco seasoned millet, added one of each cans of, corn, diced tomatoes, black beans, canned chicken, topped with taco sauce and shredded cheddar cheese.

Tonight was the first time since December on the ICW, we dropped the side panels in the cockpit to stay warm. The low temperature tonight will be 70, but add 13-15 knots of wind gusts to 18 knots the real feel is quite a bit lower.

The milky way a sky full of stars and bioluminescence in the water.

Day 3- lazy day at sea, we sailed with a nice breeze all day till around. 12-15 knots abeam till 5pm when the wind dropped to 6. Fishing poles were out, hopefully we’ll be successful. Joy read 2 books today, I re-read “Forks over Knives”, it was on my phone. Dan and John worked on the water maker plumbing as well as few other boat projects.

The door where the trash can goes wouldn’t stay closed so Dan adjusted the latch.

We watched whales spouting air, didn’t see their bodies.

For dinner we cooked rice, added rehydrated gourmet mushrooms, celery, roasted red peppers including the oil from the jar, and 2 quinoa with red peppers and artichokes ready to eat cups.

It has been a ritual on this trip, we stop everything to watch the sunset together. Later at night, the milky way a sky full of stars and bioluminescence in the water.

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