Goodbye Mexico

Thursday April 9

Ensenada is a port city and cruise ship destination on the northern coast of the Baja California Mexico peninsula.

This morning we all walked to the Port Captains office, our Passports were stamped, fees paid, cleared to exit Mexico. Afterwards we walked to a grocery to get a few items. I should mention we are wearing Face masks and carry Lysol Wipes with us.

We purchased some nuts from this street vendor. Supporting the locals, and trying to spend what’s left of our Pesos.
No purchase by us here…

Two other boats left Turtle Bay when we did. We saw them on AIS and radar, but didn’t know them. Windward Star and Festina lente. The three of us were all docked next to each other at Marina Naval. Evan is solo sailing Windward Star, on Festina lente, Rich and Danielle. We had happy hour at sundown with appetizers. 6 feet apart. We got closer as the night went on.

The 7 of us, after drinks walked to an Italian restaurant. Establishments here are only doing take out. We asked if we could dine in, we were the only ones there. They graciously said yes but closed the blinds after we were served food so no one could see we were dining in, and they wouldn’t get in trouble with authorities.

Our waiter

After dinner we walk backed to the marina and said our goodbyes with elbow bumps. We shall all meet up again in San Diego at the police dock where we’ll check in to the USA.

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