Saturday April 11

It’s cleaning day, boat and laundry! FaceTime’d with the kids. Every year I would have a big Easter dinner for all on Saturday, we would be missing that even if we were home. Also did a small grocery run to get a ham for Easter dinner, as well as ready made scalloped potatoes, fresh fruit salad, Caesar salad and a cheesecake for dessert.

Joy brought a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers, a tall OXO canister makes a lovely vase!

Dinner with friends. Cheese and crackers before Grilled fish and vegetables. Dan and I, John and Joy and Leslie. After dinner we colored hard boiled eggs, and played the egg cracking game, John won

Sunset Cliffs-San Diego

18 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Who is Leslie, does she live in San Diego and are you eating at her home? Glad you are able to enjoy a fun Easter Weekend🐰🐇🐣🐤 The trick to winning the egg battle is using the pointer end of the egg and being the attacker 😏 Happy Easter, Love You!!!


    1. Yes Leslie lives in San Diego, 2 miles from where our boat is. Her late husband was a world class level sailboat racer and they also raced Thistles. She is good friends with John and Joy. We actually met her maybe 35ish years ago in Rochester.


  2. Greetings: We just came on board (pardon the pun), a few days ago. Got the info from Patty T. We are absolutely amazed at your awesome courage and tenacity to be on this amazing journey and adventure! So nice that John and Joy are there with you!. Looks as though you are making some pretty amazing meals, which doesn’t surprise me!! Stay well and safe. We look forward to your posts. May the winds always be fair and in your favor!
    Carol and Gary Fritz

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    1. Hi Carol and Gary, good to hear from you! Yes a little different from sailing on the bay. We are learning a lot as we move along. We hope to be in Alaska late June, if Canada will allow us to pass through. Thanks for your encouragement. Dan & Marlene


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