Weather waiting

April 13-14

Not much happening here on Sailing Trance. Our torn sails were dropped off at the North Sails loft here in San Diego. The damaged Code 65 sail as well as our spinnaker that caught the edge of the spreader and tore. The spinnaker should be ready on Wednesday, North is still discussing internally how or what to do with the Code sail. Not sure when we’ll see that sail again.

Our dinghy, which is old, leaks air from the material requiring it to be pumped up every day, time to replace it. There’s an Inflateables store here in San Diego, after several conversations with them, without explanation, they won’t sell us a boat. A new dinghy was purchased from a store near Los Angeles, we’ll pick it up in a day or two.

We’ve been working on boat projects the past couple of days. Several boxes we had shipped here for us, mostly parts and spare ones.

My beautiful Seabags tote arrived that was made from our old Island Packet mainsail! Donate your old sail and get a free tote bag! Be sure to mention your donation is for supporting the Seabags all women’s sailing team.

Grateful to Leslie’s for having us for dinners!

Leslie and her friend David stopped by for Captains Hour and to see the boat.

Departure from San Diego May be Wednesday or Thursday, after checking the weather. We have been using PredictWind as our primary source. Looking to purchase an Iridium GO! soon for offshore reporting.

6 thoughts on “Weather waiting

  1. Great idea with the Seabags. They were selling bags and other items made from sails at last years furniture market in High Point NC. Quite a novelty, pricey and pretty good business being bought by specialty retailers.
    Glad you have time to get things fixed up!

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  2. Interesting that the Inflateables store wouldn’t sell you a boat. Are you too hard a negotiator ??? Also they spell Inflatables wrong.


    1. They were not open for business, but we had contact information for them. Heard a rumor they were going to close permanently. So maybe they couldn’t sell inventory if they had a new buyer?


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