Santa Barbara to Morro Bay

Thursday May 7- we departed Santa Barbara around noon, arrived at Cojo anchorage at 7:30pm.

Goodbye Santa Barbara

For dinner we made Chicken and Vegetable Sauté. Chicken with carrots, broccoli, red onion, lemon zest, Great Northern Beans and Chicken Broth.

After a 2 hour power nap, we were up at 11:30pm for a weather check, pulled up anchor, departed Cojo around 1:30am, arrived in Morro Bay at 1:30pm Friday, May 8.

Hello Morro Bay!

We’re on the Morro Bay Yacht Club live web cam if watch today or tomorrow! May 8, 9.

Web cam

My sister in law, Sherry, her sister Annie lives near Morro Bay. Annie and her husband Wade came down to the boat to say hello this afternoon. Always great to visit with family, friends and friends of friends!

For lunch we did take out from Beach Burger locates next to the yacht club.

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