Wednesday July 15- laundry day, which sometimes is an all day affair at a laundromat, especially here when there are two washers and one working dryer, three loads to wash, another person waiting. I know I only had one of each machine back home, but it’s not like I can throw in a load and come back later.

We had take out from the Icy Point Lodge. There was a picnic table on the deck overlooking the water where we had our dinner. It was trivia night inside with lots of people.

Working out back was a man named Chris. Not an Alaskan native, but now Hoonah is his home. He gave us a mason jar of homemade smoked salmon, what a treat!

Parked next to us in the marina is a couple from Washington, s/v Koru Marjorie and John they are both originally from New Zealand. They typically leave their boat in Petersburg for the winter, sail around Alaska in the summer, (as do lots of other sailors) often with their adult grandchildren. They’ve recently sailed to Hawaii and back to Alaska.

Thursday July 16- Dan and Craig added another coat of teak sealer to the rails this morning. Later we all walked to the other side of town where the cruise ship terminals are.

One thing I neglected to mention since Panama, is coffee. Every county we be visited, we purchased roasted coffee beans from. There is a French press on board a gift from Danielle as well as a hand coffee grinder, that’s from Mike.

While leaving the dock, we met a couple from Nashville, who had just caught a greater than 70 lb Halibut. We watched his carefully filet the fish, then gave us about 2 lbs of it.

We met Master Carvers Gordon Greenwald and Herb Sheakley they was carving a totem pole from cedar that will be displayed in town as a veterans memorial. Gordon also carved the totem poles in front of the Huna Tlingit House in Glacier Bay. He also told us a bit of history of the area, and of the Tlingit community. One interesting fact, all school children in Hoonah are required to learn the Tlingit language.

For dinner I cooked the halibut we were given along with roasted potatoes. The fish was fabulous!

8 thoughts on “Hoonah

  1. Because if the placement needed for the Gondola, they want Nico to go back up and move the ropes course. So neat how they can carve such large pieces if art. The guys by us in Boones Mill use chain saws.


    1. The gondolas will get more people to the top of the mountain quicker vs by bus, it’s all about the money. The master carver was truly interesting.


  2. love the bit about requiring Tlingit in the schools. Did you hear many people speaking it? That’s what keeps a language alive…people speaking it in their daily lives…Jack


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