Trek to Washington

Sunday August 2, Day 1- we departed Metlakatla by 7:20am, without going ashore and exploring the village. Goodbye Alaska so sad to depart, what a wonderful adventure it was, June 17-August 2, 2020.


The route, head south down the Clarence Strait to US / Canada border. South down the Hecate Strait to Queen Charlotte Strait, taking Vancouver Island on the Pacific side to the Strait of Juan De Fuca, to Port Angeles.

At 12:39pm Alaskan time, we entered Canada.

For dinner I made shrimp with rice. The cooked leftover shrimp was marinated 1/2 day in a ziplock bag, 1/3c honey, 1/4c soy sauce with about a tablespoon of jared garlic. I also added to mix 1 celery stalk sliced, 2 slices of onion diced, 3 small peppers cut in ring slices and maybe a dozen cherry tomatoes halved. Cooked white rice as directed, then dumped the contents of the bag into the cooked rice. Yummy!

Another gray overcast evening, no sunrise or sunset to watch.

Monday August 3, Day 2- Happy 4th Birthday Max!

Cinnamon French Toast Casserole for breakfast, a boat favorite.

10:45AM PST fly by small military/police/coast guard looking jet, O’ Canada is watching.

It was a beam reach sail all day 10-15 knots we were cruising at 7 knots speed over ground most of the day. Towards sunset the winds lightened quite a bit.

For dinner One-Pot Ham and Veggie Pasta.

Tuesday August 4, Day 3- cruising the Pacific side of Vancouver Island. The wind was light all day, we had our Code 65 sail up for several hours till our boat speed dropped below 2 knots. The sun was shining with blue skies, the only clouds were those that hung over the Island.

For dinner I made Smoked Sockeye Salmon with rice.

Wednesday August 5, Day 4- After rounding Brooks Peninsula, on Victoria Island, the winds were 20 knots true at 270, we sailing 7 knots, speed over ground.

For dinner I made pasta with smoked sockeye salmon, raw celery, onion and peppers, tossed in a spiced olive oil sauce.

It’s a foggy, gray, misty evening, no sunset or moon rise to watch.

Thursday August 6, Day 5- Port Angeles, Washington. We arrived close to 9:00am. I checked us in to the USA via the CBP Roam App. Technically we didn’t have to as we didn’t stop in Canada, the customs officer stated, because of Covid it probably won’t hurt in case Canada inquires about us.

For dinner went back to the Next Door Gastropub for takeout.

Port Angeles, Washington is a small seaside town on the Strait of Juan De Fuca is known for whale watching, outdoor adventures and its proximity to the Olympic National Park. Throughout downtown you will find wonderful restaurants, coffee bars as well as several modern art sculptures.

Near the marina is the Olympic Discovery Trail is a 8.4 mile waterfront paved trail accessible year round. There are several markers with historical information throughout.

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