Another Week in Paradise

Wednesday October 7, Dan and I went for a walk today, to the food store which was next to a mall, so we walked the mall first. The Ala Moana Center is a three story shopping mall with lots of high-end stores. The center isles of the mall are open to the sky.

We grilled hamburgers for dinner served on sourdough bread.

Thursday October 8, *Sourdough Notes* I have what I consider too much starter discard in the fridge. So, I baked biscuits and two batches of crackers. The first batch I added Herbs de Provence, which was very good, the second was Thyme, Cracked Black Pepper and Sesame Seeds. Meanwhile starting another Belle loaf to be my “inclusion” loaf. I will be adding a cinnamon, butter, brown sugar paste and raisins that were soaked in vanilla overnight to add moisture to them so that they don’t draw moisture from the bread dough. Baking that loaf tomorrow morning.

You may wonder why I spent the day baking, in Hawaii! We’ve visited all the places that are open, everything else touristy, is currently COVID closed.

Friday October 9, *Sourdough Notes* Cinnamon raisin bread, success!

In the afternoon we took a 5 mile walk , first to FedEx store to print a few documents, then to the post office to mail them. Afterwards we hung out in front of an Apple store on their WiFi, updating our phones.

Saturday October 10, Dan has been busy filling out applications and permits to enter French Polynesia, still waiting to hear from them. Because there are two of us aboard, its a 28 day quarantine, travel time counts, two weeks to get there, so we’ll need to stay on the boat for another week.

*Sourdough Notes* I made English muffins with starter discard, totally failed on this one! First I shaped the dough in the morning and forgot to add the rest of the ingredients, reworked it, the muffins were too big, frying pan too hot, the outside burned the dough was slightly raw in the middle. Next time remember to add all ingredients, make smaller muffins, lower the burner flame. The boat smelled of burnt bread all day!

Sunday October 11, marathon day. Today would have been the Maui Marathon. On his quest to run one in every state, Dan ran the distance (26.2 miles) this morning. He stopped at the boat three different times, for food, water and dry shirts.

In the afternoon we did a little shopping, Lowes, West Marine, Costco and Home Depot.

Monday October 12, what started out as a small project, turned into a big all day one! We’ve been having issues with the foreword head plugging up. After letting it sit for 5 days, Dan took the plumbing snake to it. We discovered the 2.5” ID pipe was now less than 1 inch due to lots of calcium deposits in the pipe. So, we pulled the pipe out after much effort, went to West Marine, purchased 12 feet of sanitation pipe, installed it. Quite the chore trying to thread the new pipe under the floor and connect everything back together. All better now.

Tuesday October 13, lazy day… Dan had reached out to a local HAM radio group here in Honolulu. A nice man named Todd come to our boat today and tried to troubleshoot the radio, without much success, likely too much marina interference.

6 thoughts on “Another Week in Paradise

  1. A lot of diversity in this post from shopping, sunsets, marathon, baking, meals and head repairs. Glad you are enjoying your time in the islands!


  2. Marlene, Are there any gatherings for the boaters?

    Explain what Sourdough Discard is? Why is it Discard, if you use it?

    Also, it looks like you cooked the Raisin Cinnamon roll and the Muffins in a pan ON the stove, instead of IN the oven?

    Glad you got the poop shoot fixed before sailing on.


    1. No gatherings for boaters.

      Sourdough is a science, it’s dependent on hydration percentage, time, temperature and bacteria. There are millions of kinds of bacteria and fungi on earth. Yet if you mix flour and water and expose it to the air for a while, the community of organisms that colonize the resulting concoction is almost always composed of a small handful of microbes that can leaven bread. This community — a combination of bacteria and wild yeast from the air that survives in a bubbly, sticky, acidic mix — is called a starter. A starter is “alive” and needs to be fed to be active. You remove a small portion, add it to equal parts of flour and water, (there are several ratios to do this, mine is 1:5:5, by weight) after several hours or more it will expands to double or triple its original size. I feed mine twice a day. The remainder is called “discard”. You could just throw it away, but there are many recipes that use this (as to not waste so much), like pancakes, waffles, crackers, fruit breads, scones, biscuits, pizza dough. Sourdough bread takes time, with a ripe starter, adding flour and water, let sit, then add salt with a small amount of water this step is called Autolysis. Then you move into bulk fermentation adding stretches, pulls and fold, let it rest then proof. This is waiting for it to rise, then bake. Sourdough bread is baked at 459-500F covered for part, remove cover till done and when the internal temp is around 205F.

      The cinnamon bread was just photographed on top of the stove, fresh out of the oven.

      Me too!


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