19.45N 156.51W I baked a loaf of bread, “Bread on the Ocean”

Sunday November 29, we felt we were having an issue with propeller or transmission, so we headed back to the Big Island and went to the state marina in Honokohau, arrived late afternoon. Being Sunday, nothing was open so we spent the night tied to the dock, did not get off the boat due to COVID restrictions.

Monday November 30, Jason the mechanic came aboard in the morning. The propeller rotation was measured in relation to rpm’s of the engine, all seem normal. Yesterday Dan did go in water and rotated the prop forward and backwards, in hindsight there may have been something on the prop and this action solved the problem. Anyway we’re off and on our way!

One year ago we set off on this journey. Hard to believe how fast time flies. We’ve missed a few important family events, Ben and Rachael’s birth of Cora, our new granddaughter, the engagement of our son Luke to Mecca, major surgery our daughter Danielle had, Friday’s with Beth and Kevin’s, Max and Dylan. Then COVID-19 hit worldwide slowing the adventure. We are staying safe and following all local rules. It has had some really great advantages, getting into Glacier Bay and Anan Bay in Alaska. Seeing the USS Arizona in Hawaii with only two other people there. Wherever we’ve been we try to support local businesses, ordering takeout at restaurants or buying souvenirs, some shipped back home, some for us. Not to mention all the wonderful people we’ve met along the way! Looking forward to the continuing the journey!

12 thoughts on “Onward!

  1. Hi from Aunt Helen & Ginger
    Wishing you both safe travels.
    God Bless you both now & always.
    We love you💖


  2. Onward Ho! Fair winds, small seas, and good sailing as you continue your journey onto yet another paradise!
    Carol and Gary


  3. Happy 1 Year Anniversary!
    It’s been quite a crazy year for all of us, just need to keep flexible with a positive outlook and attitude😍🤪🌅


  4. We wish you a safe journey..we too have not seen our children in 9months.. Soo close to a cure.. safe passage


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