Small World

Monday December 21, I was finally able to upload two blog post! The WiFi here is quite slow. Afterwards we stopped by the local farmers market, purchased some fruits and vegetables.

More laundry washed in the sink, there are limited places to hang clothes inside. We don’t want to hang our laundry from the lifelines.

Dan changed the oil in boat engine then we dropped off the used oil at the recycling center.

Tuesday December 22, this morning at anchor, we see this Island Packet 380 coming towards us. It was s/v Fleur. He dropped anchor next to us, (that’s what Island Packet owners do) Nick from the UK, we met him at Shelter Bay Marina in Panama. Dan had helped him install new solar panels on his boat there. Fleur transited the canal a week before we did. He’s been sailing solo around the islands of French Polynesia for the past year. Nick mentioned his birthday is this weekend, he’ll be 70 years young.

This afternoon we drove the dinghy to the other side of the bay, beached it on sand. We walked up to the Le Nuku Hiva hotel on the hill, had afternoon cocktails outside by the pool.

Also on that side of the bay stands a memorial to author Herman Melville for the book Typee he wrote about French Polynesia. It looked like the plaques had been removed.

Early to bed, Dan signed us up to take a private all day tour of island tomorrow from a local guy.

6 thoughts on “Small World

  1. I see many boats moored. No Marina? No Laundromat? Any gathering place for boaters. Hopefully, your Tour finds a downtown and locals.


    1. No marina, no laundromat. There’s a yacht services company you can give your laundry to them, it’s back in a few days. Some cruisers tend to hang out at the landing, where there is WiFi. Merry Christmas!


  2. If you have a working link to movies, try “Fishermen Friends”, we watched last night, enjoyed! Merry Christmas!


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