Bula Fiji-Day 4

Monday April 19, Day- 4

The Garmin InReach was reset, as it appeared to be not working. All is good now.

Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast!

Light winds in the morning, as the day progressed the forecast was 15-20knots of wind. As the waves started, they come before the wind, we took down the pole from the Genoa and stowed it in its place against the mast. The Staysail was deployed, the Main and Genoa were trimmed in a bit, then came the wind. Cruising at 7-8knots speed over ground.

It rain quite a bit on my watch, the cockpit enclosure was zipped up except for one panel. The wind was 22-26knots.

*Iridium Go Notes*

Wind is up this afternoon

Mon 19/Apr 14:36 GMT-10

17º 30.688 S  155º 24.166 W

Course: 274° true, 5.8 kts

Earlier than expected, the wind speed increased to around 13 knots and shifted a little south, allowing us to point the boat right towards Fiji, at a speed of 6 knots, wind at 105 apparent.

Got the spinnaker untangled, but left the bad girl in her bag today. Now using full genoa, staysail and mainsail on port tack.

Cleaned-up dock lines that were drooping in the water at the Tahiti marina, and also cleaned-up ourselves by taking a shower. Life is good… every day is a Saturday!

Note to Self: Install Seatbelts

Tue 20/Apr 00:36 GMT-10

17º 28.426 S  156º 38.191 W

Course: 272° true, 6.4 kts

When wind increases, so do the size of the waves. At times, waves toss the boat around and you feel a desire for seatbelts. Luckily, seasickness has not been an issue with us yet.

Nevertheless, we use harnesses, tethers and jack lines in the cockpit, always at night and during the day if it’s rough. Thus, we remain attached to the boat.

Our Garmin InReach device that we use for communication, tracking and weather (in addition to the IridiumGo device) decided to suddenly take a vacation two days ago, the screen went blank and stopped working, after being reliable for 18,000 miles. So I’m on the phone (on hold) with Garmin Techincal Support, all of a sudden it starts working again?! and has continued to do so… strange.

A few intense rain squalls passed by while Marlene was on watch and I was sleeping. They brought some squirrely winds and horizontal rain causing her to zip-up the cockpit enclosures. Since 1:30pm yesterday, when the wind increased, it’s been from 15 up to 25 knots… so we’ve been moving fast pointed directly towards Fiji.

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