Bula Fiji- Day 6

Wednesday April 21, Last week I mentioned the connection I made with another boat that was in Papeete also heading to Fiji this week. We’ve been in contact with them via Iridium text messages. They departed 2 days before us. This morning we can visually see them, Mike and Sue on s/v Ocean Sapphire, a 45ft catamaran, they are 2 miles away. We are both heading to the same port. Always nice to have a buddy boat.

Our buddies are sailing slower than us this afternoon. With 16-19 knots of winds, we reefed our Main and Genoa to stay a reasonerably close distance from them. We’re cruising at 5 knots, with full sails we’d be over 7. Reminds me of Top Gun ”Never leave you’re wingman”. Don’t think I mentioned Maverick and Viper are back but with their entire squadron. They are loud at night squawking as they occasionally circle our boat.

For dinner I made Wild Rice, Cabbage and Chick Peas.

*Iridium Go Notes*

The Wild West

Wed 21/Apr 08:54 GMT-10

17º 32.215 S  160º 07.752 W

Course: 256° true, 6.3 kts

Neither Marlene nor I have never been this far west before… there’s a whole new world out there!

s/v Ocean Sapphire and us are staying close to each other. As in TOP GUN you never leave your wing man.

Completely Enclosed

Thu 22/Apr 00:54 GMT-10

17º 54.028 S  161º 39.581 W

Course: 274° true, 3.9 kts

All the cockpit enclosures are zipped-up now in order to keep the rain outside. Winds have been up-n-down, and the direction has been back-n-forth. Yet, we keep her pointed west.

3 thoughts on “Bula Fiji- Day 6

  1. Thank you for sharing your awesome journey in such detail,Dan and Marlene. I am so inspired and thrilled with every post! Cheers to you both and may you continue to enjoy the ride in safety and wonderment.


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