Bula Fiji- Day 12

Tuesday April 27, Distance to Fiji 763 nautical miles

The wind is 15-20knots and we’re close reaching. The sails are both double reefed to keep the boat flat. Our buddy boat is 2 miles behind us.

Regarding the trough I mentioned on Day 9, our weather person had this to say: ”The leading edge of the trough is now at 170W and is now a broken line with active cells. Trough should continue to break up over the next 24 hours. While models are showing lighter winds, expect active cells. The trough line is also expected to flatten along a latitude of 20S which the following High pressure is being kept south of.” All is good.

For dinner I threw together a mixture of potatoes, cabbage and roasted red peppers, turned out pretty tasty.

Sailed through one short lived squall last night, highest winds 22knots with little rain. It looked much worse than it turned out to be.

*Iridium Go Notes*

Beware of Hitting the SEND Button

Tue 27/Apr 14:26 GMT-11

17º 40.859 S 168º 04.198 W

Course: 263° true, 5.9 kts

…and just as I hit the SEND button last night, the first of seven rain squalls arrived. Each had 18-23 knots of wind, which require reducing sail area, or changing course, or both. Then, the squall goes away leaving calmer winds, so you unroll the sails back out… and repeat. All in the middle of the night!

Things settled down when daylight arrived, and we continued to move fast towards Fiji in 13-16 knots of wind from the north.

In these close reaching conditions we, and s/v Ocean Sapphire, double reef sails. As a result we passed them, since they don’t have their big a$&@ mainsail all the way up and out… playing leap frog in the Pacific.

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