Friday May 7, Day 1 of Quarantine in the books!

The yellow floating thing is how they “locked” us the quarantine area. Our boat with a full keel and protected prop and rudder, I’m sure we could scoot over it.

Day 2 of Quarantine. This morning we were released!!! Motored over across the river to the marina. There we waited for Immigration, Customs and Bio-Security to board our boat before we could get off. Passports stamped all is well!

Purchased a SIM card at the ships store so we can be connected! As we walked around the complex here we spotted s/v Swell. They were in quarantine with us. Jim and Shannon, their their two adult daughters and a son in-law, from Hawaii. We joined them at a picnic table at the dock restaurant for about 6 hours, lunch, dinner and several adult beverages. Great time!!!

15 thoughts on “Quarantined

  1. So glad you made it to Figi and were able to finally go ashore. How great that you caught up with your friends and could share your sailing experiences!
    Love You💖


    1. Thanks, hopefully the rain will subside enough so we can go exploring. Hope to get our cruising permit early next week to sail around the islands.


  2. Thanks for sharing this latest part of your awesome adventure. Glad you arrived safely!

    Sent from my iPad



  3. I just finished reading Day 1 thru Quarantined. You two are AMAZING. You need to publish a book when you get home. Is there nothing that you cannot do? Boat captains, master chefs, photographers, super handymen, etc. I am looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for sharing. We love you and envy you!


  4. That was really nice of the Fiji Navy to deliver the Flowers from Beth.
    Where is the Catamaran?


    1. Yes it was! The catamaran was a day behind us on the last day of our passage. We wanted to arrive on Thursday they arrived on Friday. Currently they are still in the quarantine area, will get out on Monday as to not pay overtime for the weekend, to the officials.


  5. So good to hear from you and you had a safe passage. You continue to amaze us!!! So fun that you have made friends that are joining you. Quite a learning curve with Covid, etc.

    Best wishes for your time in Fiji!!


  6. Happy Mother’s Day … you are one amazing lady and I do admire you and this adventure that you are on.


  7. Glad you made it to Fiji safely. First thing I do when I get to work every morning is to see your progress and comments. Have a fun stay in those Islands.


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