Fiji Week 6

Sunday June 13, it’s a rainy windy day.

Our family had a picnic at Bens house, (actually it was on Saturday East coast time, Sunday, Fiji time). The adults received the souvenirs we mailed to Bens house, from Tahiti. For the girls a black pearl strung on adjustable length leather rope, the guys a Hinano T-shirts (Tahiti beer) and koozie.

Late afternoon we went over to s/v Barracuda, played cards for several hours with Kate and Graham. Fun night!

*Sourdough Notes* baked a Belle loaf this evening. Ah, the aroma of bread baking!

Monday June 14, 🇺🇸 pancakes for breakfast, I thought today was Sunday! It rained on and off the entire day with breaks of blue sky with sunshine. Back to Barracuda in the evening for more cards.

Tuesday June 15, another great snorkeling afternoon.

For dinner there was a potluck hosted by the Dive Academy, 4 of the 5 sailboats attended. Everyone brought delicious side dishes. Fish, chicken and sausages were grilled.

Wednesday June 16, anchor up by 6:30am, on our way out we were escorted by more than a dozen dolphins.

Destination, back to Savusavu, the Copra Shed Marina. We joined the Bula Fiji Rendezvous when we were in Tahiti. Majority of the boats sailing from French Polynesia and New Zealand have recently arrived. There are several planned activities for the group.

After the welcome ceremony, dinner was served buffet style on the deck, we were entertained with traditional Fijian dances.

Thursday June 17, today’s activities included a walk to the hot springs and the KokoMana Farm and Chocolate Factory. We only did the hot springs as we previously went to KokoMana.

The hot springs here are used primarily by locals for cooking. These springs are also chloride springs fed by sea water, where as most hot springs contain sulfur fed by ground water.

Friday June 18, Bula Rendezvous bus trip to Lambasa. Group photos, one at the Savusavu Bay overlook, the second at the Snake Temple. It however was COVID closed.

We walked around downtown Lambasa then bus ride to the Palmlea Farms Resort for lunch.

Saturday June 19, Happy Birthday Beth!

Waking tour to the market this morning, as well as we found the post office. On the way back we stopped at a Kava mill, where they grind the roots to make Kava Powder.

10 thoughts on “Fiji Week 6

  1. How many boats are part of your Bula Rendezvous group? Where are they from?
    Expensive Mini Burger OR Hot Dog at the Live Cooking for $12.50 !!
    They use the $. Is their Currency US Dollar?

    Have you met any Locals that are US Nationals who moved to Fiji? Or were there US Nationals in Tahiti?


    1. There are 14 boats as part of the rendezvous. 4 from UK, 4 from New Zealand, 2 from Australia, 2 from Belgium, 1 from the Cook Islands and 1 from the USA (us).

      The dinner price is in Fijian dollars, $12.50 is $6.25 USD.

      We have not met any US expats in Fiji. In French Polynesia, the man who owned Nuka Hiva Yacht Services was from California he married a local woman there.


  2. So glad you joined the family picnic with all the kids. I bet they appreciated seeing you and receiving your gifts🤗
    The Rendezvous group sounds like a fun time too! Enjoy!


  3. From looking at the pics, I don’t think I’d ever want to leave! Looks like soooo much fun! Love reading your blog and posts! Great family pic…


  4. Thanks for the reef pictures! Great to know that good reefs still exist!
    Do you have a departure date yet?


  5. Reasoners! You are living a dream! So happy for you and I love seeing all your pictures. Glad to see you are keeping well.


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