Week 1- West to Reunion Island

Friday September 10, Day – 1by 7:00am we were off the mooring ball.

We “flew” out of the Lombok Strait with 3+ knots of positive current, reaching 12 knots speed over ground a few times.

While leaving Marina del Ray, we observed well over a hundred of these boats in the distance. At first, we thought it was early morning racing. Yet, as we passed by closer, we realized these 1 and 2 person “spider boats” were all out fishing.

We are using a weather person, Des Cason who is based in South Africa, to cross the Indian Ocean to South Africa. Once a day we email him our position, boat speed and course over ground. Dan created a group text to him including s/v Falbala, sailing from New Caledonia and s/v Le Rebelle who departed Lombok a day before us.

We are all within a day or so of each other at this time.

Saturday September 11, Day – 2, Happy Birthday Kevin!

142 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours.

For dinner I made a one pot meal of potatoes, onions, red and green peppers, garlic and beef. Sautéed in olive oil with salt, pepper, Rosemary and Thyme.

Sunday September 12, Day -3, Total nautical miles traveled 324, 182 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours.

The vang broke this morning. A vang is the block and tackle system that prevents the boom from rising up. A quick release shackle on the end of a pulley broke. Another salty rust casualty. MacGyver Dan to the rescue.

For dinner I used the leftover beef from yesterday, added a can of beef broth, 1/2 can water, a small can of each carrots and corn and a can of stewed tomatoes cut up, Italian seasoning and extra rosemary. Once it boiled I added Orzo pasta.

Monday September 13, Day – 4, Total nautical miles traveled 529, 205 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours! That’s 8.54 nautical miles average per hour, that a personal best!

15 Flying fish landed on the boat overnight. We think they are attracted to the bow lights like bugs.

*Sourdough Notes* making a Belle loaf this morning, started the Levain last night at midnight, the end of my watch.

Also baking chocolate chip cookie bars, per request from Dan. Bars are less work as I can only bake 6 cookies at one time.

Early evening we received a radio call from Australian Birder Force, probably because we are within 20 miles of Christmas Island, an Australian territory.

Tuesday September 14, Day – 5, Total nautical miles traveled 738 , 209 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours, another personal best! The sailing conditions have been perfect!

We are in a new time zone, same as Jakarta, Indonesia GMT+7, 8am Tuesday, 9pm Monday in Philadelphia. Now Trance is physically half way around the world.

Wednesday September 15, Day – 6, 44 days at sea. Total nautical miles traveled 925, 187 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours.

It’s been gray and cloudy, windy yet no rain. We saw blue sky today, first time in 4 days. With increased wind, but don’t know much. There are more white caps and bigger waves, with ripples on the water. The wind was howling through the rigging. The ocean is angry. We rolled in staysail and double reefed the other 2. Our speed is still high 7 to low 8 knots. Our weather router says this pattern should last about 3-4 days.

Thursday September 16, Day – 7, Total nautical miles traveled 1112, 187 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours.

4 thoughts on “Week 1- West to Reunion Island

  1. So Happy you have arrived safely. Sounds like a few breakdowns along the way, but McGyver Dan knows what to do!! our day wasn’t complete until we read the PredictWind blog that Dan was maintaining. So interesting! You guys just keep us amazed with your courage! Have a good stay ion Reunion Island and hopefully no Covid issues!!!
    Carol and Gary Fritz


  2. 1/2 way around the world!!!! How many people can say they’ve sailed that? You guys are simply amazing! The waters looked a little angry in some of the pics, but boy are those great looking shots!! Poor little fellas, those flying fish. So can you go on the islands finally?


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