Week 3 – West to Reunion Island

Friday September 24, Day – 15, Total nautical miles traveled 2572, 178 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours. 53 days at sea since leaving Fiji.

We’ve noticed some drips of water inside the cabin, we believe are due to the chain plates. The shrouds which are wires that hold up the mast are connected to “chain plates” that are secured to the hull of the boat. At this connection point there is caulking sealant to keep water from seeping down into the hull. We should have had them resealed in Fiji.

Oh that wind! We are in the middle of a compression zone between a South Indian High and a Low, winds at 20knots gusts to 25+.

*Sourdough Notes* last night I started the Levain, mix and stretches this morning then baked a Belle loaf.

Saturday September 25, Day – 16, Total nautical miles traveled 2763, 191 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours.

For dinner we had mashed potatoes (instant), green beans and smoked pink salmon. It’s easier eating from a bowl on a moving boat.

Sunday September 26, Day – 17, Total nautical miles traveled 2952, 189 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours.

Strawberry pancakes for breakfast, using dehydrated strawberries.

Monday September 27, Day – 18, Total nautical miles traveled 3125, 173 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours.

Another new noise, this one resulted in me screaming. It was a loud thud, the wind generator fell off the mount. Another failed weld. The platform attached to the arch broke. Luckily Dan had attached a bungee cord to the tail to keep it pointed at the wind as the waves were making it spin, thus not working properly. This bungee cord prevented the unit from falling into ocean. However it tore the sunbrella canvas of the Bimini. On our passage from California to Hawaii, 13 months ago, a weld broke on the base of the support bracket resulting in the unit ending up deep into the Pacific Ocean $$$$.

For dinner, smoked salmon patties with fried potatoes.

Oh my the stars, the Milky Way, the Southern Cross!!!

Tuesday September 28, Day – 19, Total nautical miles traveled 3308, 183 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours.

And another sound heard. The Genoa fluttered like we needed to adjust course, the numbers all looked good. Then we realized the halyard broke! With life jacket and tether on, Dan attached the spinnaker halyard to Genoa, we raised it back up. In about 15 knots of wind, and 3 meter waves.

On the menu for dinner, bow tie pasta tossed in sun dried tomatoes, onions and chicken.

Wednesday September 29, Day – 20, Total nautical miles traveled 3476, 168 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours.

New time zone, Saint-Denis, Reunion Island, GMT+4, 12:15pm Wednesday, 4:15am Wednesday in Philadelphia.

Dinner was, well I saw this recipe that looked so good. It was a barbecue chicken pasta salad. However, the only ingredients on the boat were the pasta, chicken, corn and BBQ sauce, this was an improv version.

Thursday September 30, Day – 21, Total nautical miles traveled 3619, 143 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours. 59 days at sea, days on the boat, since leaving Fiji.

Arrived at La Reunion Island, 8:00am, at Port de la Pointe des Galets, 3637 Total trip miles. 20 days, Averages 182 miles per day, 7.6 knots per hour boat speed.

19 thoughts on “Week 3 – West to Reunion Island

  1. I am so glad you made it to Reunion Island and are safe and sound in the marina. That was a crazy trip!
    Love you,


    1. Our weather person commented what we experienced weather wise, was not particularly nasty but not a walk in the park by no means, we’ll done!


  2. Wow, oh my goodness, what a journey!!! I’m a recent newcomer to your wonderful blog — I’ve been feverishly reading through back posts to catch up — I’ve only gotten back to early July 2021, when you were in Fiji, up to your most recent blog! I am amazed by the places you’ve visited; the things you’ve seen! The pics you post are fabulous! I’m even more amazed by how resilient you and Dan are at keeping s/v Trance in tip-top shape throughout her blue water journey! I am hoping that I can read as far back to when you departed on your adventure from Philly — did you start the blog at that time? I am not sure if I’ve been able to find a way to locate posts earlier than Fiji? As an aside: My husband and I lived in the Philly area for years (my husband grew up there, too), in the 90’s. We spent a lot of time ‘down the shore’ but, though I grew up sailing, we had a little center console Wellcraft that we tootled around in out in the back bays of southern DE. We did, however, have Beneteau First 28 on the Hudson, at Haverstraw Marina, in the 2000’s, but had to re-home our sailboat when we made a major move across the country. Fast forward 2 decades later, and we’re sailing again — daysailing, mostly, on our little 2021 Com-pac Legacy. Btw, before we bought the Beneteau, we almost bought an Island Packet 27 down at Tom’s River, NJ — I wish that it would have worked out — what a gorgeous boat — as is your Trance! I hope you get lots of rest and enjoy your time on land! Looking forward to your next post and hearing what plans you have in store for voyaging with Trance! Fair winds, sunshine, stars, and following seas! ~ Chelle and s/v Sunflower (aka Sunny)


    1. Hi Chelle! Thanks for following our journey. You should be able to view all post from the beginning, try hitting “older post” . The blog begins November 30, 2019 when we departed the Chesapeake Bay. We’ve been to Panama, went through the canal in January 2020 (before COVID hit). Headed north, Costa Rica, Mexico, California, Washington, Alaska. Then back south (innocent passages through Canada as their borders were closed) to Washington, California, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Fiji, Indonesia and now in Reunion Island. -Trance is the first “big boat” we’ve owned. Prior to her we raced Thistles for the past 40 years.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much for your kind reply and info! I will see if I can look back through your blog, to the beginning, to read about your other adventures! I am so happy for you and Dan to have seen so many incredible places traveling with s/v Trance!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I just finished reading all 3 posts ( week 1-3). Wow-my heart was pounding when you talked about the wind, waves and parts breaking. I think you’re so BRAVE! Dan seems like a genius-he can fix anything. Maureen, I still marvel at your meals and what you can “whip up” on a boat far, far, far from land and a grocery store. How long are you on Reunion Island? Safe sailing!
    We saw Beth and family at Warrington Day. Your grandsons are adorable!


    1. Thanks Beth, MacGyver Dan is pretty handy to have around! We like quick and easy basically one pot meals, most have been pretty delicious! We will be here about 2 weeks. Yesterday we ordered a boat part, will wait for it to arrive.


  4. Hi,I searched pickvista.com top 10 things to do & see in Reunion. Looks like you will be busy.Aunt Helen is well & says Hi & Blessings. All ok at this end.💗Sent from my Samsung Galaxy , an AT&T LTE smartphone


  5. WOW. Quite the crossing of the Indian Ocean. And Marlene, how close to your head was the Wind Generator blade. That would have been a Splitting Headache !!! Now get a room and sleep on Solid Ground.


  6. Oh my goodness!!!! My heart was beating fast just thinking of what you were going through. I’m so glad everything worked out & Captn Dan knows what he’s doing. God Bless you guys!! You need a good drink now!! Thanks for all the updates!!


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