South Africa – Week 7

Tuesday December 14, road trip to the North Sails loft here in Cape Town for a discussion regarding our Code 65 sail repair.

They are going to trim the bad sections, sew on a sacrificial cover on the foot and leech. The furling cable is external, they will sew it into the luff of the sail and reattach the Harken swivel to the head of the sail.

Wednesday December 15, laundry day and planning day. We are renting a car on Friday for errands too far to walk as well as for a road trip we are planning. Lots of Google searches, and a few reservations made.

Thursday December 16, Two Oceans Aquarium is a short walk from our boat. The morning was spent there browsing the fish exhibits.

Friday December 17, Happy Birthday Mecca! Busy day started with both of us at a local dentist for a cleaning. Jerome from s/v Roxy offered to go to the top of our mast to install the wind speed indicator (he used to be a rigger). For dinner we met up with Beverly and Andree, s/v Sea Dancer, (we met in Durban) at the Royal Cape Yacht Club, their boat is berthed there. We brought along Michael and Pricilla, s/v Hylite. After dinner we had coffee on Sea Dancer, fun night!

Saturday December 18, a drive down the Cape of Good Hope to see the penguin colony.

The African Penguin is listed as an endangered species. On Foxy Beach there is a winding trail of boardwalks for penguin viewing, set in the middle of a residential area. They were previously named Jackass Penguins because of their donkey like sound, as they are the only penguins that breed in Africa, they were renamed African Penguins.

The colony grew from two breeding pairs in 1982, to about 2000. This is mostly due to the reduction of trawling in False Bay, increasing anchovies and pilchards, basic food for the penguins along with squid.

December is peak moulting time, where old feathers are replaced loosing their waterproofing and are confirmed to land for about three weeks. They fatten up before as it is a period of starvation. Breading season typically begins in February, we did notice however a few penguins sitting on eggs. Penguins are a monogamous species, they take turns incubating their eggs and feeding their young.

Sunday December 19, day trip to Stellenbosch, wine country South Africa where the landscape has vineyards as far as one could see in all directions. A visit to the Spice Route Destination, seated at the base of the Paarl mountain. This place is a wine farm that offers tastings. There is also a craft brewery, local spirits and chocolate maker also offering tastings. With several artisan restaurants go choose from, as well as craft shops, even a spice deli. We sampled wine and of course chocolate, had lunch at Barley & Biltong Emporium then later, gourmet ice cream. It was a great relaxing Sunday afternoon.

12 thoughts on “South Africa – Week 7

  1. Glad to see Cody getting fixed and that you’re able to play tourist while in Africa. Great pictures! Sail Safe.


  2. So wonderful! I worried about you guys in South Africa – but I guess covid is much worse here!!! So glad you were able to get off the boat & explore!! LOVED those penguins!!


  3. Just an amazing journey! And gorgeous pictures of all the animals! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2022!
    Carol and Gary Fritz


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