Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Monday February 21, first stop customs and immigration, passports stamped, in and out as our stay here will be short.

Fernando de Noronha is group of 21 islands 220 miles off the coast of Pernambuco State in Northern Brazil. Discovered in 1503 by a Portuguese expedition. Only the largest island is inhabited with a population around 3000. It is 7sq miles. Official language is Portuguese. 70% of the island is a National Marine Park and also a World Heritage Site. The island is a feeding ground for tuna, billfish, whales, dolphins, porpoises, sharks, and marine turtles. There is a high population of spinner dolphins and the island offers protection for the endangered hawksbill sea turtle.

There is only one paved road, the main road that goes to the airport. The other roads are either dirt with scattered stones or larger rocks tightly together.

We took a guided tour by Palo to the National Marine Park with Ohana. There are several beautiful isolated beaches where the walks to them was over rocky, hilly trails. One trail had a long elevated boardwalk, then the entrance to Baia do Sancho beach, ranked as one the best beaches in the world, was down two ladders, followed by a rock staircase.

Tuesday February 22, we had visitors this morning. Robbie Jr and Millie from Ohana wanted to come see our boat. The adventurous little ones set off on a paddle board from their boat to ours about 75 yards apart only to get caught by the wind and current, which drifted them backwards. Bautista, crew from Ohana, rescued them and towed the board to our boat.

The morning was spent with lots of questions about things in Trance. Dan performed some juggling then we baked chocolate chip cookie bars together. When the cookies were done, we took them to shore in our dinghy to join the rest of the Ohana crew for lunch. On our dinghy ride in we were escorted by I bet every Spinner Dolphin in the bay! They were swimming in front and next to us often jumping in the air splashing to the water!

After lunch, we brought jerry cans to Trance filled with diesel to fill our tank. There is no gas dock here which is really surprising because of the number of fishing and tour boats in the harbor. Bautista helped Dan, tomorrow they will refill the containers and fuel up Ohana.

We had more visitors in the afternoon, Mechie, Lulie, Amalia, Millie and Robbie Jr came by for a tour of Trance. Lulie, Millie and Robbie stayed the rest of the afternoon. They wanted to watch a movie, I let them pick it out, they chose “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”.

Wednesday February 23, s/v Lazy Lightning arrive today, good to see them again. Dan and Bautista refueled Ohana.

We walked around a bit this afternoon close to the marina area. Upon the hill stands a little white church overlooking the harbor. The Chapel of Sao Pedro dos Pescadores. The view from on top of the hill of spectacular.

Drawing of the remanence of the volcano that formed the islands, the current underwater view.

For dinner we stopped at a restaurant near the harbor only to find team Lazy Lightning there. We joined them for a few adult beverages as they were just finishing dinner. After they left we had a fabulous dinner with selections recommended by our waiter.

Thursday February 24, it was a beach day! We took the bus across the island to Praida do Bode beach. Beach chairs with a table under an umbrella are available to rent for the day, we did as there was no shade. A beverage stand selling alcoholic and soft drinks was there also. For a while we were the only ones on this beach.

Hard to get an unobstructed sunset view in this harbor

Goodbyes for now dinner with team Ohana at Mergulhão Noronha. They are leaving over the weekend as they need to test their watermaker after the repair. They are headed for St. Barts where their family members will meet them.

Before sunrise we will depart for Barbados in the eastern Caribbean. The passage is just under 2000 miles and should be a 10-14 day journey.

8 thoughts on “Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

  1. Another amazing post from some amazing sailors.
    BTW, we have a family member of 33 years that was born down in South America. A Yellow Nape Amazon parrot named Buddy.


  2. Were they all Boater listening to the band? Did you see any locals, other than Palo? The Souviron Family look like a lot of fun. He went to Duke. Quite a story of his Online Travel company. How was the English of the rest of the family?


    1. No they were locals or tourists. Yes lots of locals. Lots of tiny Brazilian bikinis too! Their English was very good even the little ones. It is taught in all grades in their schools.


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