Charleston, South Carolina

Victory Lap Week 3/8

Monday April 18, anchor up by 9am tried to get the 9:30 am opening of the Wappoo Creek Hwy 171 Bridge. The current was bit too strong to make it so we slowed down and waited for the 10:30am opening.

Wappoo Creek Bridge

Arrived in Charleston Monday late morning greeted by Max and Dylan who ran down the dock to greet us! Also there our daughter Beth her husband Kevin. Along with them Kevin’s parents Pam and Ernie who live here. We stayed at their beautiful house with All, while we were here.

39 days to go.

Tuesday April 19, the day was spent hanging by the pool.

38 days to go.

Wednesday April 20, Girls day out shopping downtown Charleston, with Pam and Beth Illg!

37 days to go.

Thursday April 21, more pool time…

Max, Beth and Dylan
S’mores for dessert!

36 days to go.

Friday April 22, beach day, Isle of Palms!

35 days to go.

Saturday April 21, we departed the Illg house mid morning, with all escorting us to Trance. It was a happy goodbye knowing we’ll see them in about three weeks! As they were departing new friends were coming. Our sister in-laws sister Sherri and her friends Sandy and Bob.

The Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina, where our boat is, has a free shuttle to downtown Charleston for hotel and marina guests. For dinner we rode in but asked to be dropped off a bit early of the designated stop. We walked to D’Allesandro’s Pizza on St. Philip Street. In December of 2019, we stopped in Charleston on our way south. Ben D’Allesandro is a friend of our son Luke, who used to live here, delivered pizza to our boat back then. We returned for more!

34 days to go.

Sunday April 22, boat project day, Dan fixed our “party lights” which had stopped working. Late afternoon we hung by the pool at the resort, then had a nice dinner at the Fish House restaurant.

33 days to go.

10 thoughts on “Charleston, South Carolina

  1. What fun it must have been to see Beth, Kevin, Max and Dylan!! Certainly looks like you are enjoying your travels North!! Have fun!
    Carol and Gary


  2. I made it in the blog!! What an honor ❤️ It was nice meeting your daughter, Beth and her family along with the in laws!!

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Hi Marleen and Dan, Just arrived in Fernando de Noronha and we decided to go to luxury Posada for 2 days and after 5 months on Icebear it is heaven! Zdenka and Jack are in Charleston too.They are officers in OCC and if you need our place, we are one block from the Ashley River, “south of Broad St.”Iy May be fun for OCC folks to get together. The address is 22 Savage St.Zdenka and Jack are returning to Maine from Florida and Zdenka is the editor of the OCC magazine. I will send you details of house if you would like to stay. Two couples would have plenty of room and very close to fine dining! C

    Sent from my iPhone 854 444 9850 Carolyn J. Harrington,M.D.



  4. Catching up on things with you two! Your daughter, Beth, looks just like you! Wow! The resemblance is incredible! Sounds like you are having a great time visiting with family and friends!


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