Trance is Back in Town

Victory Lap Week 8/8

Monday May 23, John and Joy departed after breakfast. Shortly afterwards we departed from the Town Point Marina in Deale, MD. Our destination is the Wye East River on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake.

John, Joy, Dan, Me

Our friend Yana in Hawaii has many friends. Daphne is one of her dear friends. We anchored in front of her house on the East Wye River. She invited us in, we had champagne, dinner and a tour of the property by golf cart. This day reminds me of that childhood song, ”The More We Get Together”…the chorus, “cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends”.

Me, Daphne, Dan

4 days to go.

Tuesday May 24, anchor up by 9:40am, destination Annapolis, MD. We anchored around noon on the south side of the Severn River next to the Naval Academy. In the afternoon there was a practice for the Blue Angles, the air show is scheduled for Wednesday. Too bad the sky was gray.

3 days to go.

Wednesday May 25, Annapolis Blue Angels Air Show.

2 days to go.

Thursday May 26, anchor up by 8:15am, moving to Rock Creek, north of the Bay Bridge on the western shore.

The anchor was dropped at 12 noon in Rock Creek.

1 days to go.

Friday May 27, Today is the Day! Anchor was up by 8:00 am destination Tolchester Marina! We arrived at 11:00am, welcomed back by the sound of horns and people cheering. Our family and friends were spread out around the marina on different docks. There was also a cameraman from the NBC Baltimore TV station filming our return into the marina.

The three day celebration begins!

Family and friends!
We made the news in Baltimore!

Saturday May 28, day 2 of a three day celebration!

Sunday May 29, day 3 of 3!

Thanks to All who followed our journey around the globe. We enjoyed sharing our adventures and day to day life on a sailboat. There will be more Trance escapades in the future, Nova Scotia, Bermuda, the Caribbean to name a few. So keep an eye on this Blog Page, as well as “Sailing Trance” on Facebook.

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Password: TRANCE01

Fair winds for all your adventures!

Marlene and Dan

27 thoughts on “Trance is Back in Town

  1. Congratulations Marlene and Dan! It was awesome following you!
    I’ll standby for your future adventures!


  2. Sorry we weren’t able to great you at your homecoming,we where sick with COVID-19. Welcome home, look forward to seeing you….Tom&Esther Barron


  3. Welcome home and congratulations and thank you for the posts and photos! Fair winds on your future adventures. Doug Maloney


  4. An awesome ending to the voyage and an experience of a lifetime . Words cannot describe what you two have accomplished.”


  5. So glad you returned safe and sound AND no Pirates!!!
    Great 3-day celebration.
    See you on your Book Tour.


  6. Nancy and I enjoyed every post during your adventure around the world. “Around the World” 48,000nm what an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations again and again. Great Welcome home 3 day party.
    Love you,
    Marty& Nancy


  7. Such a wonderful adventure. Congratulations on this journey. Hope to meet you again on the next one perhaps!


  8. What an amazing accomplishment! Glad you are back safely. I will miss my daily checking in to see what’s happening! Will look forward to your next adventures. Enjoy your family!! Stay safe and healthy!
    Carol and Gary Fritz


  9. Congratulations on your incredible accomplishments. It has been very interesting following your progress. The celebration is well deserved!


  10. well done you guys are legends
    enjoy the party.
    i used to look forward to your blogs
    Now what ?


    1. Sorry Evelyn I just saw your comment. We started out in our 20’s as small boat sailors, racing Thistles, a 17ft one design sailboat. So about 40 years. Trance was purchased in 2018, our first “big boat”. The sailing part easy, all the electronics took a little time.


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