Atoll Hopping-Rangiroa to Apataki to Toau to Fakarava

Thursday January 28, On our way ashore mid morning, we stopped by s/v Seneto and s/v Joy to say goodbye, as well as s/v Lenora but they were not there. Those three are leaving in day or so, we may meet up again. Also took our trash and recycling to the dumpsters. The restaurants atContinue reading “Atoll Hopping-Rangiroa to Apataki to Toau to Fakarava”

Ua-Pou to the Tuamotu Islands

Day 1- Sunday January 17, the Tuamotu Islands are mostly Atolls. Destination, Rangiroa. Just before 9am, anchor up, on our way, escorted by a pod of dolphins. 6.7 speed over ground, 13.5 true wind, course over ground 215. Later we deployed the spinnaker, doing 7.4speed over ground with 12.6 knots of wind! It was upContinue reading “Ua-Pou to the Tuamotu Islands”