Glacier Bay – Part 2 Things the go bump in the night

Sunday July 12- it’s 12:15am, the three of us are almost sound asleep, when the boat rocks from a wave on a calm night. Since no sound of a boat, we all rose gathering in the salon. While looking out porthole windows, we see whale activity and splashing in the water off the starboard quarter,Continue reading “Glacier Bay – Part 2 Things the go bump in the night”

Glacier Bay National Park – Part 1

Wednesday July 8- we entered Glacier Bay National Park around 1:30 pm. In 1925, President Coolidge established the area as Glacier Bay National Monument. In 1980 under President Jimmy Carter, the Bay became a National Park and Preserve, encompassing 3.3 million acres of mountains, glaciers, forests and waterways. It is part of a 25 millionContinue reading “Glacier Bay National Park – Part 1”