8 days a week

Sunday December 29

We’ve been sailing now for 7 days 24/7 round the clock. Our days have been we randomly take turns at the helm. In the mid morning or early afternoon Dan would nap. After dinner around 6, Danielle and I would rest or nap then wake at 10, Dan would go to sleep. Our watch would last till 2am, then Dan was on till 6 or 7am. This has worked well for us. On our watch, in the sky full of stars, we’ve watched the Big Dipper rise into the night sky.

One thought on “8 days a week

  1. Sounds like that’s a good schedule to sail by. I received 4 of your posts today, must be by wifi. It was neat seeing the lighthouse in Cuba and the calm beautiful sea. The bird looked Happy to find a nice resting spot too. Love you and being able to keep up with your adventures !


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