Boats and birds

Saturday December 28

It’s hard to believe four weeks ago today we started this journey, my how time flies! The biggest surprise to me was I never anticipated we would’ve traveled down the the Inter coastal waterway. I expected all ocean sailing. Mother Nature had other plans. But it’s ok, we met several wonderful people along the way and spent great times with them!

I find it hard to sleep most nights with the rock’n and rolling, all the creeks the boat makes, from the ropes on the wenches to the halyards in the mast, canned foods sliding in the shelves, the bouncing of the memory foam mattress topper and even the water sloshing in the tank. It’s a new environment to adapt to.

Sailed through light showers this morning. A cloud 11 miles away was a bit angry and formed a water spout, lucky we had already past it.

Birds and boats. I’m guessing it’s a thing. At least once a day a bird or two just circle the boat. One even landed, that’s the second this happened to us.

We’ve also been trying to get regular exercise, sea conditions permitting. Typically we’d do 3 or 4 sets 15 reps of sit ups, Superman’s, squats, tricep dips, chest press, small arm circles and neck stretches. Balance can be an issue on moving boat but we’re making it work.

One thought on “Boats and birds

  1. Get a Sound Generator APP for the cellphone when in the Cabin to Mask the other boat noises.


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