Friday December 27

Just cruising the Caribbean Sea today! The time zone, where are we in relation to that? We don’t have cell service right now so we decided we are on boat time! Our own zone, at least till civilization tells us otherwise.

I didn’t expect the calmness around Cuba. One day we’re allowed to go there the next day we’re not. I wondered if a large military force chasing away anyone who got close. Instead it was green with vegetation along the coast with small sandy beaches, very serene. As we rounded the most western tip of Cuba there is this lighthouse Cabo de San Antonio.

Cruising at 6 knots winds out of East 12-15 knots.


A few days ago, I did a inventory of all food on the boat and where it’s located. Will need to rearrange later so like items are together. Today we took that list and made a master list of how many of each item we had.

Had a boat argument today, how much heel of the boat while under sail is acceptable for 1) showering 2) cooking 3) eating 4) sleeping?

3 thoughts on “Cuba

  1. As you rounded Cuba, you were Really Close. Then your Path seemed to be heading East towards their bay. I thought maybe they were towing you in. But then you went west towards Panama. Phew !!!


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