Hello Mexico

Friday February 28

We arrived at Marina Chiapas, Mexico just before 11am.

Upon arrival we were boarded by customs, the Port Captain and the military at the marina for inspections. 5 men in fatigues, two automatic machine guns and a dog.

Passports stamped!

7 thoughts on “Hello Mexico

  1. I don’t know why, I just saw all your posts at one time from the last week. What a great week you had. So glad you’re moving along & things addres going well. Hope you enjoy your time in Mexico. Sounds like customs might have been quite an experience though.


  2. Hi ,there is a wonderful ‘gal’ dr sheddy a vet who is refitting her alum boat it this marina

    I follow her on YT and suppport her on Patreon .
    Say hi of you get a chance her parents were visiting from Aussie to help in the thrift .
    She is providing free vet services to the locals for a while
    Cheers Warren


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