Leap of Faith

Saturday February 29

I had a dental issue that flared up 4 weeks ago. I self treated, then visited a dentist in Costa Rica. She took an X-ray but offered no treatment that fit our time frame. Needless to say what I felt, it flared up again.

Another cruiser here, Terry, from Washington State, was in the marina office when I inquired about getting a taxi. He offered to share it as he wanted to go to Tapachula anyway. (The dentist was recommended by Dan Boater travel insurance, that we have.) They dropped me off, the dentist office had barred windows and door which is always locked. He did his errands with the taxi, Terry offered to come back and wait for me, which he did. All is good.

Dentist office

Dan went to immigration to receive our receipt, the port captain and finalized customs. Still need to get our TIP, temporary import permit, we’ll leave soon to the Guatemala border by car to get that.

6 hours later and our driver never showed up. After several phone calls with the marina manager, who arranged transportation, now at 6:20pm with John, we are off to Ciudad, at the border to get our TIP.

We were misinformed regarding the hours of the government office at the border, the first guy said they are open till. 11pm. He was wrong. Will need to go back tomorrow, can’t leave the marina or Mexico without it.

2 thoughts on “Leap of Faith

  1. Oh no!! Sounds like things need to turn around for you guys!! How is the tooth and what ended up being done? Hope getting TIP goes quickly and all is ‘smooth sailing’ after that!!


  2. Glad you got your tooth taken care off, you don’t want to be like Tom Hanks in Cast Away! What a run around with the taxi and border office, better luck on your next trip to get the TIP.


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