TIP of the Day O

Sunday March 1

8:30 am, we are on our way back to Ciudad Hidalgo at the Guatemala border. The Banjercito or office of the army is where you pay the import tax (TIP) on boats and cars coming into Mexico. Lesson learned, if going to Mexico by boat or car, get a TIP ahead of time, this document is good for 10 years, can be done via mail.

Entrance to Banjercito
Tricycles are frequently seen for transportation, fee is by distance traveled

This are, most of the land in Chiapas is owned by Chiquita, banana groves cover the land.

The blue bags are placed over the bananas to help them ripen. Every 3-4 months a new bunches are produced. Banana, Mangos and coffee are the main exports.

Dan and I along with Brad and Krista took the bus late afternoon to Walmart to buy food. We saw Brandi and Dennis (Ankyrios), with their kids, there too. The four of us got a taxi to take back to the marina, the others had a rented car, but first we stopped for tacos, with our taxi driver. We each had 6 mini tacos and a coke, it was a little over $3.00 per person.

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